Our Role

The Middle Deschutes Watershed Council believes that education of the community is vital to the long term health of the watershed. Through the education program the council engages with community members and local youth to further develop a sense of place and foster a sense of lifelong stewardship.

The goal of the youth programs is to engage students in hands-on, place based opportunities in watershed and natural resource education. By providing these experiences students gain the knowledge, skills and motivation to promote conservation and stewardship of the watershed. Collaboration with partner organizations make these opportunities possible. Please refer to this link to a local paper that reported on a recent student field day:

The Middle Deschutes Watershed Council is a diverse group of landowners, residents, government agencies, and organizations working together to enhance the natural resources of the Trout Creek and Willow Creek Watersheds. The Council collaborates with landowners and partner organizations to foster an understanding of watershed resources and to improve watershed health through voluntary restoration actions.